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From joyful welcomes to fond farewells

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About me

Welcome to my website, where your life’s milestones are cherished and honoured. I’m Suna, a devoted celebrant that helps you weave love, memories, and togetherness. With expertise that spans weddings, funerals, handfasting rituals, vow renewals, and baby welcoming ceremonies, I create bespoke and heartwarming events.

My services are infused with a natural grace and commitment to celebrating your unique stories and traditions.

My job is to make sure your special day is cocooned in warmth and personalized care. Connect with me, and let’s craft a memory that reverberates through time.


My services

What I do

Wedding ceremonies

Creating personalized ceremonies to celebrate the union of two individuals in marriage.


Commemorating loved ones with dignity with tailored eulogies and respectful ceremonies.


Celebrating commitment with a symbolic binding of hands in a spiritual or secular ritual.

Vow renewals

Reaffirming marital commitment through a heartfelt and personalized re-dedication ceremony.

Baby welcomes

Celebrating a new life with a heartfelt ceremony to welcome and/or name your newborn.

Bespoke events

Crafting unique or general ceremonies meticulously tailored to mark any special occasion or milestone.

Commitment ceremonies

These ceremonies are a powerful way to affirm your bond and declare your love for each other.



what others have said

Suna made our day truly unforgettable. Her genuine warmth, attentiveness, and gift for storytelling turned our handfasting ceremony into pure magic. Our guests were spellbound, and we felt like she had known us for years. We couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful and heartfelt ceremony. Thank you again suna, you are an absolute treasure!

Anna & Mike

Suna’s grace and compassion during my father’s funeral were beyond words. She crafted a eulogy that captured his essence perfectly. The ceremony was respectful, touching, and true to his atheist beliefs. Many guests shared how moved they were. Suna, thank you so much for providing comfort during our time of grief.


Suna was simply radiant in conducting our vow renewal. Her genuine joy and attention to detail created a ceremony that felt like a second wedding day. Our hearts swelled as she guided us in reaffirming our love. Friends and family still talk about the warmth and beauty of that day. Thank you Suna!

Sharon and Donald