Baby welcomes

Celebrating a new life with a heartfelt ceremony to welcome and/or name your newborn


I’m here to help you welcome the newest member of your family with a heartwarming Baby Welcome ceremony. Celebrating the arrival of a little one is a cherished moment that unites family and friends in love and joy.

Celebrating a New Life

The arrival of a baby is a miracle, a new life full of promise and wonder. A Baby Welcome ceremony is a non-religious celebration that honours and embraces this precious new addition to your family.

Customised Ceremonies

Every family is unique, and your Baby Welcome ceremony should reflect that. Together, we’ll create a tailored ceremony that incorporates elements meaningful to your family. From readings and music to symbolic gestures, every detail will be chosen with love.

Involving Family and Friends

Family and friends play a vital role in your child’s life. The Baby Welcome ceremony is an opportunity to involve them, perhaps through readings, blessings, or by appointing guideparents who will play a special role in your child’s journey.

Naming and Blessings

If you wish to incorporate a naming ceremony, we can do so with grace and reverence. We can also include blessings, wishes, or hopes that you and your loved ones have for your child, creating a tapestry of love that surrounds them.

Creating Memories

A Baby Welcome ceremony is not just an event; it’s a memory to be treasured. Whether it’s a keepsake book with messages from the guests or a special tree planted in honour of your child, I’ll help you find meaningful ways to capture this day.

The Welcoming Day

On the day of the Baby Welcome ceremony, I will be there to lead the celebration with warmth, love, and joy. Through words and gestures, we will create a circle of love that embraces your child.

Let’s Welcome Your Little Miracle

Ready to celebrate the precious new life in your midst? Let’s create a Baby Welcome ceremony that will be held in your hearts forever.