Handfasting ceremony

As the golden hues of dawn caressed the dew-kissed meadow, I was humbled to guide a truly transcendent union last weekend. Handfasting, an ancient Celtic ritual, was the heart of this enchanting celebration. Picture this: a charming canopy, nestled amidst wildflowers, under the whispering embrace of ancient oaks.

Olivia and Rowan, the ethereal couple, chose to celebrate their love in the most authentic way. They both hold a deep connection to their Celtic roots and wished to entwine not only their hearts but their souls.

In the midst of the meadow, the couple stood facing each other, holding hands, while their loved ones encircled them in a human chain. The air was charged with anticipation and love, as whispers of ancient lore wafted through the trees.

With six cords, each representing an element of their relationship – love, trust, honour, prosperity, wisdom, and unity – I wrapped their joined hands, as they exchanged vows. As the couple’s hands were bound, they were symbolically binding their lives, supporting and holding each other through all that life may bring.

They opted for a “year-and-a-day” commitment, a tradition wherein couples would be bound together for this period to evaluate if their love could stand the test of time.

Olivia and Rowan’s heartwarming exchange of personal vows brought tears to many. They spoke of growth, resilience, and the mystic bond they share. They concluded the ceremony by jumping over a broomstick together – another tradition signifying the sweeping away of old and welcoming of new beginnings.

As they walked back down the aisle, hands still fastened, the crowning moment was the jubilation that emanated from everyone present.

This handfasting ceremony was a reminder of the boundless forms love can take and the importance of honouring our roots.

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