Celebrating commitment with a symbolic binding of hands in a spiritual or secular ritual


I’m thrilled to guide you through the enchanting ritual of Handfasting. A ceremony deeply rooted in ancient Celtic traditions, Handfasting is a beautiful way to celebrate the sacred bond between two kindred spirits.

Weaving Your Bonds

In a Handfasting ceremony, your hands are bound together with a cord or ribbon, symbolising the weaving of your two lives. This ancient rite is not just about the physical union but also the spiritual and emotional bonds that sustain your love.

Customised Rituals

Every love story is unique, and your Handfasting ceremony should be a reflection of that. Together, we’ll customise the rituals, incorporating elements that resonate with your hearts. From the choice of cords and colours to the words spoken, every detail will be imbued with meaning.

Nature and Spirituality

Handfasting ceremonies are often held in natural settings, embracing the elements. Whether it’s a forest glade, a serene beach, or a blooming garden, the setting is an essential part of the ritual. We’ll choose a location that speaks to your souls.

Blending Traditions

If you wish to combine Handfasting with other cultural or family traditions, I’m here to facilitate that blend. This could include readings, music, or other symbolic gestures that are meaningful to you and your partner.

Crafting Your Vows

The vows taken during a Handfasting are the heart of the ceremony. Whether you wish to use traditional wording or create something uniquely yours, I will assist in crafting vows that reflect the depths of your commitment.

Celebrating Your Union

On the day of your Handfasting, I will be there to lead the ceremony with warmth, joy, and a touch of magic. As the cords bind your hands, your hearts will be united in a bond that transcends time.

Embark on This Mystical Journey

Ready to weave the tapestry of your love with the ancient threads of Handfasting? Let’s connect and begin crafting a ceremony that will be a cherished memory woven into the fabric of your souls.