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What I do

Wedding ceremonies

Creating personalized ceremonies to celebrate the union of two individuals in marriage.


Commemorating loved ones with dignity with tailored eulogies and respectful ceremonies.


Celebrating commitment with a symbolic binding of hands in a spiritual or secular ritual.

Vow renewals

Reaffirming marital commitment through a heartfelt and personalized re-dedication ceremony.

Baby welcomes

Celebrating a new life with a heartfelt ceremony to welcome and/or name your newborn.

Bespoke events

Crafting unique or general ceremonies meticulously tailored to mark any special occasion or milestone.

Commitment ceremonies

These ceremonies are a powerful way to affirm your bond and declare your love for each other.


A quick summary

A Brief overview

As a celebrant, my heart lies in creating unforgettable ceremonies that touch the soul. From joining two kindred spirits in matrimony to tenderly honouring a life well-lived, my role is to be the weaver of stories and emotions.

Through handfastings, I help entwine lives with ancient threads of love. In vow renewals, I rejoice with you as love is rekindled. Welcoming a precious new life into the fold is an embrace of joy. And for those bespoke moments, my tapestry of words crafts the perfect tribute. In every whisper and echo, I pour my heart into celebrating your journey.

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